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The only Cuba I've ever known

By Katia Hetter
Updated 4:14 PM ET, Mon December 22, 2014

This holiday season, I am heading to the only Cuba I’ve ever known. To Nochebuena dinner with my cousin’s roast pork, her mother-in-law’s flan, platanos maduros, yucca and a salad.

Nochebuena is a Latino celebration of Christmas Eve, and it’s a big night for us. There will be quick-fire Spanish, varying degrees of English and jokes in the way I’ve only ever heard my Cuban relatives parry back and forth. Many presents will be opened, and everyone will act like we all got each other the perfect gift.

I’m flying not to Havana but to Miami, where my grandparents and other relatives came years after Fidel Castro took over Cuba, when it became clear there would be no free speech for anyone but him.

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